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Medical assistant field also involves traveling. There are many opportunities for traveling medical assistant jobs. Those who specialize in geriatrics need to travel to various nursing homes and skilled medical facilities in their communities. Since medical assistants work with the public, they have to be neat, sociable and well-mannered. Medical assistants have to and able to protect patients confidentiality.

The traveling medical assistant jobs are mainly available in the field of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology etc. Not only these jobs but nursing is also another field, which have traveling options. Few nurses have to travel while working as nurses in various departments. These traveling jobs may last for three to four months or even a year.

Licensed therapy professionals propose rehabilitative therapy services to help patients who are suffering from major physical and mental disorders. To have excellent results, these medical professionals plan individualized treatments. They are also accountable for monitoring and documenting patient treatment and response.

Qualifications required for traveling medical assistant jobs:

The traveling medical assistant jobs for nurses involve working with doctors and physicians closely. The required qualifications for this job include RMA (registered medical assistant) and CMA (certified medical assistant) certification. Apart from these qualifications, a master's degree or an equivalent program in therapy is required to get a therapist job. To be a therapy assistant, you either should be a diploma holder or a certified candidate by any accredited organization.

Benefits of traveling jobs:

There are ample benefits for traveling medical assistant jobs. Some of the obvious benefits are working with a good medical staffing agency that will allow you to earn top pay and ability to save for retirement. Many of the traveling jobs provide private, quality housing that is absolutely free of charge for medical staff. Most of the health care workers are aware of the experience of working in a renowned hospital or teaching hospitals or in research centers is priceless.

Getting into a traveling medical assistant job is not very difficult. There are many agencies that can help you get recruited in short term travel assignments as well. These agencies are available online too. The process to get started is quite similar for most human resource agencies that focus on healthcare or medical assistant traveling.

  • An application is complete.
  • You are assigned to a recruiter at the organization.
  • After being interviewed by the recruiter, potential assignments will be recognized\.
  • You will be again interviewed by the chief of the medical facility over the phone.
  • After accepting an assignment, the agency will help out with all details including licensing, accommodation and reimbursements.

Salary range:

It is difficult to give an estimate of the yearly income of a traveling medical assistant, but it is surely a cut above non-traveling nurse salaries. The income includes bonuses offered by the recruiting companies, which may range more than $6000 per assignment.

Though, normally medical assistants earn in the range of $20,000 a year to around $35,000, but the mean salary is just about $30,000 per year. Salaries mainly depend on the criteria of experience and the location.

Typically a traveling nurse's hourly earn is in the range of $30 to $40. The recruiting agency normally pays for relocation, accommodation and also pays bonuses. More earning is expected if the assignments are in cities and regions with high cost of living. California is rated one of the best paid places for traveling medical assistant jobs.

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